My favorite limited edition Zebra scented pens (because I need my writings to smell of rum raisin cake and mint chocolate) and Morning Glory Mach II (apparently they’ve moved onto Mach 3).

Also, I recently discovered The Pen Addict podcast, which if you get it, you’ll get it.


Silver heels
These boots are just fun.

Olive green and cobalt suede flatsThese flats I would’ve never chosen on my own, but I tried them on at the suggestion of Sidney at The Little Shoe Store and I fell in love with them. They’re going to be fun to pair with tights and shorts. Sure I will do it with all black, but I think it’d be just as good with a burgundy sweater, saffron tights and brown shorts.

Orange and turquoise
Essie Roarrrrange and Julep Kam (it was either an OK photo in the shadows or blisteringly bright in the sunlight)

A friend wore that orange on her toes and I loved it so much! I have to stare at my hands all day at work and it really made me happy to see the orange while cutting and sewing. I forced a co-worker to look at them and properly ooh-and-aah over them. It’s really important to share good things with others, even if it’s to a dude who doesn’t get it.

Of course given my job, it’s sort of pointless to do my nails as they will immediately chip the second they see a needle. But I saw some Elle magazine insert about how to make a manicure last for a week with creative ways to cover up tip wear and such. So after one day of work, I covered the messy tips with the light turquoise, which made them even better. (I just used scotch tape to mask off the parts of the nails I didn’t want painted… of course that tape pulled off a bit of orange on my pinky finger).

The color combinations remind me of one of my favorite New Yorker covers!

Dropped Call by Christoph Niemann

[by Christoph Niemann via AHORA, which has an interview with him about this cover and his other work, including NYT’s Abstract City blog]

Soutine StrawberriesThis is one of two desserts at Contra. I don’t think Soutine ever used white in his work, but I saw the movement and violence I see in Soutine’s work when I looked at this dish.

The dessert itself was bright and subtly sweet. It was a chamomile ice cream (so. incredibly. smooth. Does that mean it’s actually a gelato?) with a strawberry reduction and olive oil. My friends and I agreed the restaurant needs to sell these in pints. I’m not usually a huge fan of olive oil in sweets — it just tastes so… olive oily — but they chose an oil that really did taste fruity and light.

But the second dessert was my favorite by a tiny margin. It was a yogurt with buckwheat crunchies (or as the menu called it, “yogurt, grains, seeds.” Again, sad raw vegan restaurant). There’s also no photo because I heard the waiter say “buckwheat” and I just dove right in. I prefer crunchy things and the crunchies reminded me puffed buckwheat cereals my brothers and I would snack on as kids.

Green tea set
I got this (incomplete) teeny weeny tea set for my mom at an antique store in Strasburg, Penn. My mom loves toy tea sets like this, because she’s secretly six years old.

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Contra steakA nice perk of a tasting menu is that each dish is small. I would never order a whole steak for myself*, but I do like a nice piece of beef.

And somehow my friend’s husband ate his steak so that his plate ended up looking like some calligraphic painting. (Although, Rachel, now I see the crocodile you saw, eating the man.)
*Unless it’s a steak from a cow that was grass-fed watered with the tears of newborn babies, like they are in Finland.