Pearl earrings
As much as I love sparkly things, I think pearls suit me best. The large pearl earrings are from HOMAKO and are actually made of cotton. According to her, cotton pearls came to being in the 20s when it was fashionable to wear long strings of pearls. But because long strings of actual pearls are super heavy, a cotton alternative was developed. I also love the large size of the pearls. They feel more tongue-in-cheek than prissy and I like that they’re a little bit of a riff on Wilma Flintstone (you know, fashion icon).

The clip-ons are from the one antique store I visited in Strasburg (where I got my mom her teeny green tea set). Three bucks for the pair! I used to not like how large clip-on earrings tend to be, but lately that’s what I’ve been gravitating towards. I’m also hoping that clip-ons will free me from wearing exclusively real gold and silver earrings — brass and base metals make my poor piercing holes (heh) explode into a painful mess (which doesn’t necessarily stop me from wearing those Homako earrings. That’s how much I like them). When my ear lobes start to hurt from the clip pressure, I just clip them onto my shirt, so they’re still doing work even if they’re not on my ears. 🙂


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