Complementary colors: Orange and turquoise

Orange and turquoise
Essie Roarrrrange and Julep Kam (it was either an OK photo in the shadows or blisteringly bright in the sunlight)

A friend wore that orange on her toes and I loved it so much! I have to stare at my hands all day at work and it really made me happy to see the orange while cutting and sewing. I forced a co-worker to look at them and properly ooh-and-aah over them. It’s really important to share good things with others, even if it’s to a dude who doesn’t get it.

Of course given my job, it’s sort of pointless to do my nails as they will immediately chip the second they see a needle. But I saw some Elle magazine insert about how to make a manicure last for a week with creative ways to cover up tip wear and such. So after one day of work, I covered the messy tips with the light turquoise, which made them even better. (I just used scotch tape to mask off the parts of the nails I didn’t want painted… of course that tape pulled off a bit of orange on my pinky finger).

The color combinations remind me of one of my favorite New Yorker covers!

Dropped Call by Christoph Niemann

[by Christoph Niemann via AHORA, which has an interview with him about this cover and his other work, including NYT’s Abstract City blog]


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