Soutine strawberries

Soutine StrawberriesThis is one of two desserts at Contra. I don’t think Soutine ever used white in his work, but I saw the movement and violence I see in Soutine’s work when I looked at this dish.

The dessert itself was bright and subtly sweet. It was a chamomile ice cream (so. incredibly. smooth. Does that mean it’s actually a gelato?) with a strawberry reduction and olive oil. My friends and I agreed the restaurant needs to sell these in pints. I’m not usually a huge fan of olive oil in sweets — it just tastes so… olive oily — but they chose an oil that really did taste fruity and light.

But the second dessert was my favorite by a tiny margin. It was a yogurt with buckwheat crunchies (or as the menu called it, “yogurt, grains, seeds.” Again, sad raw vegan restaurant). There’s also no photo because I heard the waiter say “buckwheat” and I just dove right in. I prefer crunchy things and the crunchies reminded me puffed buckwheat cereals my brothers and I would snack on as kids.


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