Tiny tea

Green tea set
I got this (incomplete) teeny weeny tea set for my mom at an antique store in Strasburg, Penn. My mom loves toy tea sets like this, because she’s secretly six years old.

These appear to have been made with molds, because you can sometimes see the seam where the two sides of the mold came together. Nevertheless, I still love the little details that are in each tiny piece.Green punch bowl

I left my friend on a bench (with his ice cream cone and on the phone with his girlfriend) across the street so I could peep into this antique store, because I heard antiquing in Lancaster is pretty great. I only got to this one store this weekend as my friend is of the manly persuasion and hates shopping.

There was a knee-length rabbit fur coat in perfect condition that was only $45, which in LA would be minimum $200. The prices and selections, at least with this store, were fantastic. I pinned the receipt of the store on my bulletin board and the phone number is burrowing a hole in my head. I’ve already justified the yet-to-be-made fur purchase, because I’m starting to be open to the idea of moving somewhere with seasons — including true winter with snow and all that — and a New Yorker said a solid fur is the best way to protect oneself against the elements. Best be prepared.

(But really what’s going to happen is that I’ll probably just end up wearing it around the house with my pink tiara when I feel really down. Nothing perks me up like fancy dressing.)


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