The D’Orsays

The D'Orsays

“Meanwhile, his eye roams around and focuses his unconscious on what can be a woman’s smallest desirable quanta. The back of her neck seen in the shadow of her hair. The arch of her foot resting an open sandal. An appealing contrast in the color of her blouse and skirt. These glimpses propel his desire, yet because he won’t admit to himself how small the thing is that he wants, he inflates it to include her entire self, so he won’t think of himself as a bad guy. Then a courtship begins, unconscious lies are told, and an enormously complex schema is structured, all to attain the mystery of an ankle that enters seductively into an oversize jogging shoe.”

That is one of my favorite passages from Steven Martin’s book “Shopgirl.”

Well, the latter half of the passage is a little depressing, but I liked the descriptions of “a woman’s smallest desirable quanta.” I’m no bombshell, but I’d like to think that someone out there notices the few desirable quantas I have here and there. My feet are definitely one of them. It’s true: Shoes always look much better on smaller feet. Even better if said feet have high arches, like mine.

Aren’t they fantastic? The dark brown pair I can wear with anything, but the striped ones I think are truly exquisite. The fabric looks like a men’s suit lining, but applied on a d’Orsay heel, it becomes very feminine.
Striped d'Orsays

Both shoes are from the LaRose warehouse, but if you notice on the striped pair, the right shoe is marked Andrew Geller and the other the LaRose mark. Sidney said that in case it means that LaRose produced the shoes for Andrew Geller, hence the two different insole marks.


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