An Italian in Cairo

I wrote a few small pieces about a ballet teacher I had when I was studying abroad in Cairo in college. I re-read them this weekend after probably years since I read through it last. I still think it’s the best writing I’ve done, which isn’t saying much. While there are a lot of issues, I think I like the last installment best. I’ve made some small edits to these pieces over the years, but they are for the most part as they were when I first wrote them:

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Rose gold heels
Love. These.

Wonderfully sparkly with minimal platform*, which prevents these from getting a Kim K factor. From the one and only Little Shoe Store of course!

*I HATE PLATFORMS — above 1/2″. I understand you are trying to look taller, but just because it increases your height, doesn’t mean it elongates you. What makes your legs look longer, and hence shorty you taller, is how far to the ground your leg lines go. Platforms just cut off that line. I HATE THEM AND YOU DO LOOK LIKE A HOOKER IN THEM.**

**And apparently hooker chic is in for teenagers, because I always see underage WHORES traipsing about the Music Center Plaza on show nights.

Pearl earrings
As much as I love sparkly things, I think pearls suit me best. The large pearl earrings are from HOMAKO and are actually made of cotton. According to her, cotton pearls came to being in the 20s when it was fashionable to wear long strings of pearls. But because long strings of actual pearls are super heavy, a cotton alternative was developed. I also love the large size of the pearls. They feel more tongue-in-cheek than prissy and I like that they’re a little bit of a riff on Wilma Flintstone (you know, fashion icon).

The clip-ons are from the one antique store I visited in Strasburg (where I got my mom her teeny green tea set). Three bucks for the pair! I used to not like how large clip-on earrings tend to be, but lately that’s what I’ve been gravitating towards. I’m also hoping that clip-ons will free me from wearing exclusively real gold and silver earrings — brass and base metals make my poor piercing holes (heh) explode into a painful mess (which doesn’t necessarily stop me from wearing those Homako earrings. That’s how much I like them). When my ear lobes start to hurt from the clip pressure, I just clip them onto my shirt, so they’re still doing work even if they’re not on my ears. 🙂

Drab green and gold
Among the many tough decisions I had this week, I thought deeply if it is too early to wear dark nail colors. And then I remembered that I’m talking about nails and painted them with Julep’s Roc Solid and Gianna, which instantly updates your manicure to something more fun and edgy.

…And even after one day they’re messed up.

[by Henri Matisse, photo by Ryan Donnell via Style Court]

I visited a lot of museums on my trip.

    1. I love museums.
    2. But more significantly, I might’ve died if I spent more than 15 minutes in the heat and humidity, which seems to be ever-freaking present on the East Coast in the summer.

My most favorite museum was the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. The painting above is one of the first things you see when you enter the galleries. I love the liveliness of it.
What I liked best about this collection was that it was very focused. Albert C. Barnes collected art across the centuries and around the world, but a lot of it is from the impressionist period. You get a real sense of how artists like Matisse, Cezanne and Chirico* evolved over the years.

*(…not quite impressionist, but Barnes was clearly a fan. Chirico even painted a portrait for him)

Nude Naturalizers
These are a pair that Sidney threw in for free for me. She said she was sick of seeing them. I can’t believe no one wanted them!

I haven’t a good summer heel in a while. I’m still mourning the loss of the other Naturalizers I had, a pair of straw heels that went with everything. But these pair might be a contender for a replacement, although they are a tad narrow for me. But leather stretches, right?

Olive green and cobalt suede flatsThese flats I would’ve never chosen on my own, but I tried them on at the suggestion of Sidney at The Little Shoe Store and I fell in love with them. They’re going to be fun to pair with tights and shorts. Sure I will do it with all black, but I think it’d be just as good with a burgundy sweater, saffron tights and brown shorts.